Actividad 1 – Inglés 11° – Periodo 2

Institución Educativa Antonio Nariño de Villavicencio

Actividad 1 de trabajo en casa – grado 11° Segundo Periodo

Profesor: Mag. Henry Ibarguen Palacios

Apreciado estudiante. La intencionalidad de este ejercicio es practicar y fortalecer la habilidad de LISTENING, teniendo como apoyo el script del audio (es decir, el texto escrito) para lograr una mejor comprensión de lo que se escucha. (Focus on Listening).

Realice las actividades que se plantean. Al terminar, de clic al botón «ENVIAR» y asegúrese de que le salga el mensaje de confirmación del registro de sus respuestas.


* En primer lugar escuche al audio tantas veces como sea necesario, sin mirar el audio script (Texto escrito) y trate de responder las preguntas.
* Si se le dificulta, mire el audio script (texto escrito) mientras escucha el audio y luego responda las preguntas.


Haga clic en el botón de arriba para escuchar el audio

Audio Script

A: Hello, please come in and have a seat.
B: Thanks.
A: You’re José Gomez, right?
B: That’s right.
A: Well, Mr. Gomez. Tell me: Which job are you interested in?
B: Well, I’m not sure. I don’t have a job and I really need money to live. So, basically, I can do anything.
A: Hmm. I see. Tell me about your qualifications. Do you have a diploma or experience? B: Well… I’m not very good at studying. In fact, I was so tired of studying after high school that I wanted to take a rest. Then, I started working here and there, but I never did any courses. Now, I can see that I’m able to do a lot of things even if I haven’t done any technical courses.
A: Ah… so you DO have experience?
B: Well… as I told you before, I wasn’t very skilled at any specific task but I’ve done about everything there is to do. I don’t have a diploma, but I’m honest and I know how to work in teams, solve problems and find solutions. You can always be sure I will come to work every day. I won’t arrive late or leave early and I’m able to learn really fast. That’s exactly what you’re looking for. Aren’t you?
So… What do you say?

A: Good morning.
B: Hello. I’m Kelly Sánchez. I’m interested in the Human Resources position you have.
A: Right, Ms. Sánchez. Do you have any experience in the subject?
B: Yes, I have experience and a degree in Human Resources. I’ve worked with people for three years.
A: Tell me about yourself. What do you see as your strengths?
B: My strengths? Well, I know a lot about HR, I’m a great leader and I can work under pressure. I’m good at planning and organising events for employees and I’m very skilled at solving problems fast and efficiently.
A: Any weaknesses?
B: Well… to tell you the truth, I’m not very good at working with computers.
A: I see…